Microfilm Conversion

Microfilm conversion as the name suggests this is a service we provide where we are able to convert your existing roll film microfilm into a usable digital format.
Over the past few years the microfilm industry has been in steady decline and we have seen more and more companies turning to digital. Not only do they benefit from a media format that is usable in the majority of offices, There no need to keep old microfilm equipment running. This in itself will save money, time and space.

This service consist of:

  • 16mm roll film microfilm scanning
  • 35mm roll film microfilm scanning
  • 3M cassette microfilm
  • multi and single page
Over the years, lots of important information has been stored on microfilm but if the microfilm has not been keep correctly then some common problems may arise. The option of scanning will save this information in most cases.
  • Have you only one copy of each film?
  • Are the films brittle and keep snapping?
  • Are the images fading?
  • Is there a slight vinegar smell to the film?
  • Do you still have equipment that can still view the films?
If you have any of these concerns or you would just like your films converted

please contact us 02380 220481   sales@marathonmicro.com

We offer a part roll sample service to our potential clients to indicate what can be achieved from the films.

We are located at:

Marathon Document Management

27-29 St. Marys Place

Southampton Hampshire

SO14 3HY

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